I am not dead yet!

Sorry, I've been so inactive on this site. I was practicing with my Vocaloid software. However, I decided to take a break for now until I get out of school and get these exams over with.

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So, I decide that I'm going to dress as 2 or 3 pokemon from the Gijinka collection for Otakon, since most of the costumes look easy to make. Only problem is I'm having a hard time deciding on which pokemon I want to be. There all so cute!^^



When did this happen?

So Otakon(The mother of all anime cons) usually starts in August but now it's happening in July!
I so wasn't prepared for this. I most likely will only be able to wear two costumes one brought and one made.

Also, I've been working on Vocaloid Leon and I'm getting better at using him
Naruto Sasuke SasuNaru yaoi

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I'm African-American and a huge disney fan so I'm really excited for this movie, I've always wanted there to be a black disney princess and now there finally is.
Naruto Sasuke SasuNaru yaoi

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I watched this documentary about China and the earthquake that happen last year. It was really sad. A bunch a schools that were poorly built fell down and killed a lot of children. What made it worse was that the local government said that since the area wasn't hit so bad they didn't need their help. That meant that the parents had to dig up their children's bodies and bury them themselves.

And now I'm watching Schindler's list which is making me even more sad.:(

Anime dances

Hey, can anyone give me a list of all the anime dances you know of and if you happen to know the year each dance came out can you put that down as well. It's for a project I'm doing.

Weight update: I lost 7 pounds!^^

Cancun and swine flu

I really hope this whole swine flu thing clears up, especially since I'm going to Cancun this summer. It's not like their were even any reported cases in Cancun it's just that they closed all the clubs, bars, and etc. Which means I won't be able to do anything when I'm down there.

I'm also hoping that they speak english in Cancun, because my espanol is horrible. The most I can do is ask for water,food, and a bathroom. So I guess I can survive a week down there.

Also can anyone give me any true info of what swine flu really is? I don't really trust the internet right now.

Today someone told me swine flu was like aids which really pised me off because I know that's not true.